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To coincide with Hayward Touring’s British Art Show being held in Leeds, Leeds City Council tasked us to design and create a four issue publication to showcase the region’s art scene, past, present and future.

Each issue was curated as a result of collaborations between different design agencies and art based organisations across the region. These issues were published sequentially in the run up to the British Art Show’s launch at Leeds City Art Gallery.

The objective was twofold. Firstly it aimed to raise public awareness of the arts, art practitioners and art groups within the local area whilst maintaining links between existing organisations. Secondly, it focused on further developing new relationships and conversations across the Leeds art scene.

Untitled #01 magazine
Untitled #01 brand animation
Untitled #01 magazine
Untitled #01 magazine


For Issue #01, we worked alongside Colours May Vary and iLikePress to plan, curate and then action several different features within our issue.

Leeds based photographer, Peter Mitchell agreed to be interviewed for our main feature. He spoke candidly about the time he spent in the 1970’s documenting Leeds and how he has seen the landscape of art change over the years. We published some of his past and present iconic work which we interwove with his thoughts on the changing face of the city.

We also commissioned Justin Slee, another Leeds based photographer, to take shots of Peter in his studio amongst his treasured artifacts to further represent Peter’s personal narrative and connection with the area.

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To represent the ‘future’ element, we commissioned three up-and-coming Leeds based illustrators, Lucas Jubb, Jay Cover and Kristyna Baczynski to create a custom drawn element for each of the themes, Past, Present and Future. The objective was to combine these elements with digital processing to create one unique piece of generative art.

Stay Inside The Lines poster
Stay Inside The Lines - people colouring in

The generative art piece measured 15ft by 5ft and was comprised of black line work on a white ground. We invited the public to join us in celebrating the launch by coming along for a mass, communal colouring-in session.

The event brought together a diverse mix of people including the artists featured within the publication to create a colourful and collaborative atmosphere at Colours May Vary, Leeds.

Stay Inside The Lines artwork
Stay Inside The Lines artwork
Stay Inside The Lines artwork


‘Untitled’ was a challenging project but we created a design that was neutral, yet eye-catching. It allowed different voices within the art sector to be heard and provided a cohesive platform for continued dialogue.

By keeping things simple and accessible we managed to balance the political, radical and often edgy content of the visual arts with a tone of voice and style that made all of this engaging for new audiences.