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We were approached by Live at Leeds to refresh their brand across all platforms and media, to create a new digital presence with a fully functioning festival app. All in 4 months! As one of the largest metropolitan festivals in the UK, with an already loyal fan base and a core following, we knew we’d have our work cut out! We had to refresh a brand that already had a special place in people's hearts. Add to that the addition of Live at Leeds joining forces with the already existing Leeds Digital Festival, we knew we had to create something for all.

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Live at Leeds website


We started off by ruling everything in. Taking the visual identity and brand refresh as our starting point, we looked at developing a device that balanced the already existing pop sensibility of the festival with the need to engage new audiences. It was crucial to stay current and on-trend whilst also ensuring we incorporated elements of the new digital arm of the festival. We stuck on "Berthold's answer to Helvetica." for all its subtle subconscious, commercial connotations and gave it some serious cool. We liked the idea of making something that had the potential to flux between sobriety and edginess within a flash. Something that was directional but could also be paired-back for the most commercial of uses and situations.

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The roll-out of the new creative and fresh identity was received well by both the festival-goers and industry insiders. The team at Live at Leeds were inspired by the fresh look and feel behind their new brand.

The engagement levels increased across all media platforms. The traffic to the website went through the roof. The app became a must-have tool on the day of the festival due to its ‘clashfinder’ function.

Ticket sales increased dramatically, making the first year after our collaboration their best yet.

Arthur went over and above in helping us to make
sure everything was perfect for the festival. We were
over the moon with everything they produced." Amy Dewsnap
Marketing & Project Manager, Live at Leeds

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