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Native Youth Lookbook SS15


We’ve been working with Native Youth, Draper's 'Young Fashion Brand of the Year,' from the very beginning. We like to think we’ve had something to do with their success, not just for their recognition within the fashion industry but where it really matters, in their brand positioning and ultimately, their sales.

Native Youth Lookbook SS15

The guys at Arthur are a talented bunch and an absolute
pleasure to work with. From lookbooks to redeveloping our
branding, they are always on hand to provide
distinctive and fresh creative for our upcoming projects." Aisling Lafferty
Brand Manager, Native Youth


Fashion is a fast paced industry. Lead times are getting shorter and shorter. We don’t mind admitting we’ve pulled a few all-nighters getting artwork to print to ensure our clients have premium lookbooks for their trade shows. Lookbooks are one of the constant challenges we love to rise to, season after season.

Different seasonal creative direction? Check.
A different premuim look book spec everytime? Yep.
A high-end, on brand, finished product, realised, managed and delivered? Done and dusted.

We’ve worked on numerous projects with Native Youth. It’s not like we have to reinvent the wheel every season, it’s more about ensuring we echo that particular season’s concept, finding the right vehicle for a particular look and trend. It’s about letting the product sing and ensuring the book has the sophistication, slickness and edge we’ve come to expect from the brand.


Native Youth know who they are and where they belong but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to keep moving to new places. In the past, we’ve taken inspiration from their Indian Roots and Manchester hertiage and shone a light on elements they might not have considered. Knowing their DNA, influences and aspirations we always take a considered approach to achieve a tailored and appropriate result.

Native Youth Lookbook AW15
Native Youth Component and Clothing Tags


From component packs across the ranges to simple stand design, we take care of Native Youth’s wants and needs within the constant flux of fashion.

Native Youth Lookbook singer sewn
Native Youth Lookbook SS16

Constantly evolving, always moving, we are repeatedly inspired by the ranges the team at Native Youth drop. Continually rising to the challenge of bringing consistent but fresh ideas always excites us, but what really makes us happy is when we see the major results; when we see the brand at the shows, in the mags, in the stores or in the club.

Clothes don’t make the man.
But we know what does.

Native Youth Lookbook SS16
Native Youth Lookbook SS16